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A1 Gun Training - Texas LTC Provider
Our Best References...our former students

When we say we offer the area's finest firearms and LTC instruction, don't just take our word for it.  Here's a small sampling of actual, unsolicited public reviews given by our students:


Kim J. 

I recently completed a Basic Handgun class with Michael Kennedy. I want to say thank you not just to Michael, but to the staff at The Range. I want to acknowledge Michael who took some extra time to address some gun questions after the class. Nicely done!


C S.

This was my first time shooting a gun since I was a teenager.  I signed up for a private lesson with Sr. Instructor, Michael Kennedy and was blown away. Michael was very patient, all about safety, fundamentals, and fun to be around. I felt comfortable and confident with this 2hr lesson. I will be back again and I have already told everyone I know to sign up for lessons at the Gun Range with Michael Kennedy. Michael is extremely great at teaching and is an amazing shot!


Sam S.
I recently attend a LTC course with instructor Michael Kennedy. Let me tell you, Michael is an amazing teacher. I learned so much from him. He was very nice and made the class fun. His knowledge is extensive. I became a better shooter instantly after applying his grip and stance techniques. I highly recommend taking his class! Thanks again Michael!


J F.

I've been going to this place consistently since they opened. What pushed me over the edge to write this review was the excellent two day course I had there over the weekend with instructor Michael Kennedy. The training we were provided was highly informative and a great value. Mr. Kennedy encouraged collaboration between students and conversation during the class that created a very comfortable learning environment. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in firearms or self-defense to take any of the classes he offers, from novice to expert!

Dan K.

I have been coming here for some time, so thought it was time for a review. I recently took a LTC class and the instructor, Michael Kennedy, was awesome and the experience was great.  



Dave W.

This is based on one shotgun class I took with Michael Kennedy. Now, I have taken some classes with some highly experienced tactical / competition instructors elsewhere, whom I respect immensely. I wasn't sure what to expect out of an $80 class, so I kept my expectations in check. I was blown away! It was a small class (4 students), with a wide range of experience levels. I witnessed Michael turn a young woman who was afraid of all firearms (and especially intimidated by shotguns) into a proficient shooter who could defend her life. His ability to communicate with new learners is stellar. And he tailored his drills with the students' individual needs in mind -- whether for tactical/defense or competition. I enjoyed it so much, I'm actually looking for another class to take. 5 Stars!


Eddie S.

If you're looking to become a better shooter or get your CCW, Michael Kennedy is a GREAT instructor and all around nice guy. Best in the area!


Jessica H.

I took the basic pistol class and I felt super comfortable. Michael Kennedy, the instructor, answered all my questions and was super helpful in teaching me to shoot properly. Recommended for all who are new to guns.


Patty L.

My boyfriend and I came here to take a gun safety course. I was super nervous when entering the class, but Michael Kennedy, the instructor, made sure that he was there to give guidance and assistance so I wouldn't be. I ended up using 5 guns ranging from a .22 to a XD .40 . Let's just say that I am no longer afraid and that I will return to learn some more and come back for more practice.

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