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About Your Instructor

Michael Kennedy Instructor-photo.jpg


NRA Training Counselor,  NRA Certified Instructor


If you want experienced & relevant Beginning-to-Advanced Firearms Training - look no further.

Why Train With Us

The sole mission of A1 Gun Training is to provide the best, real-world training and education available for those who wish to improve their existing firearms skills, or to simply learn to shoot develop new shooting skills.

Without proper firearms training you might end up reinforcing bad habits and never making any significant improvement.

Our courses of instruction will give you confidence in the use of your firearms and prepare you to make 'real world' choices if you need to defend yourself or your loved ones.

Firearms Training​

Michael is a much sought-after, experienced trainer with a relaxed, practical and engaging teaching style.


He is certified as an NRA Training Counselor ('trainer for instructors') in Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW)Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH), Personal Protection outside the Home (PPOTH), as Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO).  

What sets Michael apart from so many instructors is his personal commitment to further his own training.  He's an active pistol competitor and he holds current certifications in many advanced pistol, advanced tactical shotgun, and advanced rifle / carbine classes.

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