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Personal Defense &

Firearms Training

Serving McKinney, Texas  -  Basic to Advanced Firearms Training Courses 


At A1 GUN TRAINING our goal is to deliver quality instruction that will prepare you to mount the best possible defense.

Why is there a need for Self Defense training?  We see crime reported on the news every day; burglary, assault, home invasions, muggings and worse.

So, when faced with these risks, who carries the responsibility for protecting one’s self and family?  Law Enforcement often arrives after the event that called them out has passed… with tragic results for the victims.  To avoid being a victim you are the only party responsible for the protection of you and yours.

  We'll help you to: Train, Prepare, Defend

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home & NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

NRA Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and

Self-Defense Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Courses

Self Defense Training in Sacramento and Firearm Training in Sacramento
Women's CCW Classes
Self Defense Training in Sacramento and Firearm Training in Sacramento
CCW Training in Sacramento

About Us

Greater McKinnedy, Texas-area based, NRA Certified classes offered with a special emphasis to new shooters, women and veterans.  Fun and encouraging, yet serious about teaching the fundamentals and upgrading any shooter's skills. Personal self-defense is our sweet-spot and all our classes keep that focus in mind.  Join us for our next'll be glad you did. 

Contact Us

Greater North Dallas and McKinney, Texas area

Tel:  916.849.9770

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