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The CA BSIS Exposed Firearm Permit course is taught at Sacramento's finest state-of-the-art classroom and firearms facility, The Gun Range, 3479 Orange Grove Ave., in North Highlands.  Areas served are the Greater Sacramento area including Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Solano, San Joaquin, Yuba and Sutter Counties.

Duration and Schedule:  16 hours 
For available class scheduling go to: - you may enroll and pay for the course directly.

This 16 hr comprehensive BSIS Exposed Firearms permit course will include classroom instruction, firearms instruction, and shooting range qualification. This course will emphasize handgun fundamentals, target acquisition under stress, and instinctive handgun combatives.


– All students must provide sufficient ammunition for practice and qualification (per caliber they wish to qualify with)

– Ammunition is available for purchase at the range.
– All targets will be included.
– Eye protection and hearing protection is mandatory and is available to rent or purchase.
– Range fees are included.
– The course fee covers one handgun caliber; each additional caliber is $15.  Handguns are available to rent for $15; all fees will be collected the day of the course).




1. All applicants are responsible for submission of an application to the BSIS (cost of $100). SACRAMENTO FIREARMS TRAINING will assist you with filling out the application on the first day of class.

2. Applicants must also submit a LiveScan fingerprint background check with the application at an additional cost.  That cost varies depending on which location the Live Scan is completed.

3. All initial Exposed Firearm Applicants are required to complete a psychological assessment. This assessment will be used to determine if the applicant displays the appropriate judgement, restraint and self-control needed to carry a firearm in the course of their duties. Please visit the BSIS website for further information.

NOTE: SACRAMENTO FIREARMS TRAINING is not responsible for the denial of applications due to criminal backgrounds or failed assessments and denial is not cause for a refund of training.

4. Applicant must provide SACRAMENTO FIREARMS TRAINING with evidence of United States citizenship and/or legal residency. The following documents may be used:

Birth certificate
INS alien resident status
Military DD214 (discharge honorable)
Military I.D.


5. State law mandates that applicants be at least 21 Years of age (at time of application), free of felony convictions and violent misdemeanors, including narcotics crimes and weapons charges. The applicant should discuss any prior convictions with a SACRAMENTO FIREARMS TRAINING instructor prior to enrolling in any weapons courses.

REQUIRED ITEMS: A Revolver (.38/.357) or Semi-automatic pistol (9mm, .40, .45), 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm; at least two magazines (or speed loaders) per firearm, and a strong-side holster (OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND STYLE ONLY). 

Fees:  $180 (includes range fees)

APPLICANTS MUST have a current CA BSIS Guard Card on file with Sacramento Firearms Training before taking this course.  Applicants may be required to demonstrate shooting proficiency at the beginning of the class.

Course Completion:
A standard BSIS shooting proficiency test will be administered and will include drawing from a holster; a minimum score is required to certify for the California BSIS EXPOSED FIREARMS PERMIT.  Upon successful completion a course completion certificate will be issued.



This 8 hours course of instruction will review basic laws of arrest, liability prevention, and update officers on any new legislation or regulations that affect the security industry in California.  Upon completion the student will be given a certificate of completion. This certificate should be kept in the personnel file of the employee.

Duration:  8 hours

Fees:  $70 

There are no prerequisites for taking this course, and the course is accessible to any person who has a current CA BSIS Guard Card.


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